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Hiring Foreign Workers

Temporary Foreign Worker Information Sessions

The Whistler Chamber, in partnership with Service Canada and Citizenship and Immigration Canada, offers free information sessions on hiring foreign workers. Click here for upcoming dates. 

Useful Links for Employers Hiring Foreign Workers

Hiring and Retaining Skilled Immigrants

Service Canada

Citizenship and Immigration

go2 has released a guide to assist employers in better understanding the various programs
available to hire foreign workers, click here.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program
This program is designed to assist tourism operators meet their labour requirements by hiring foreign workers under very specific circumstances and for a limited period of time. The program covers both skilled and unskilled workers and has recently been amended to help expedite the process for certain occupations where there is a demonstrated shortage of Canadian workers able to perform the work. These changes include a Regional Occupations Under Pressure list as well as an Expedited Labour Market Opinion (E-LMO) application process.

BC Provincial Nominee Program
This is a joint program administered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and British Columbia’s Ministry of Economic Development. This program is designed to expedite the permanent immigration of foreign skilled workers into Canada. A majority of nominees to this program are currently working in Canada with a temporary work visa.

International Students Program
This program has a number of variations (Co-operative Education, Work Off-Campus and Post Graduation work visas) all of which are designed to provide international students studying in Canada with relevant work experience while in Canada.

Working Holiday and Student Work Abroad Programs (SWAP)
These programs are designed to assist young people (usually between the ages of 18-35) in certain countries to come to Canada for a designated period of time to work and holiday and are currently used by a number of resorts in Canada to augment their local labour pool.

Canadian Skilled Worker Visa
The Canadian Skilled Worker Visa allows migration to Canada as a Permanent Resident, without the need for an employer or sponsor, to seek employment and apply for jobs following the exact same process as a resident skilled worker. Canada is keen to have skilled workers and this Canada migration points system is designed to encourage Canadian immigration by skilled workers.  You are able to accept a job and join a new employer without you and that employer needing to go through the work permit process.  The Canada Skilled Worker Visa gives you the right to apply for Citizenship after 3 years, providing that you follow the necessary requirements to apply, thus making this visa a very attractive and popular method of Canadian immigration for skilled workers.