Notice of AGM

Every year, in accordance with the Board of Trade Act and the Whistler Chamber of Commerce By-laws, Whistler Chamber of Commerce holds an Annual General Meeting.

TAKE NOTICE THAT the Annual General Meeting of the Whistler Chamber of Commerce is scheduled for 11am, December 3, 2020.  The meeting will take place virtually and all registrants will receive a link to access the meeting.

Register for the AGM here.

As a result of the Director vacancies that will be created at the end of 2020, the Whistler Chamber of Commerce in accordance with its By-laws, sought nominees for Board of Director positions for a three-year term of office. Nominations were accepted from Friday, October 16 through Wednesday, November 4 at 5pm. The Whistler Chamber board has four Director positions to fill and received four nominations in total.

The formal business of the Annual General Meeting will include the report of the Board, consideration of the financial statements and the appointment of the accountant. The membership at large will also meet the Members who will represent the Whistler business community in 2021 as their board of directors. The board is also seeking approval from the membership by way of a special resolution to update and amend the Chamber’s By-laws. Following the official business of the AGM, the CEO will report on the Chamber’s priorities as we look to support Moving Whistler Forward in 2021 through recovery and future success.

The following order of business must be observed at the Annual General Meeting:

  1. Call to order
  2. Ascertainment of Quorum
  3. Adoption of the rules of order
  4. Approval of agenda
  5. Approval of the Minutes of the last meeting
  6. Report of the board
  7. Financial report and financial statements
  8. Appointment of accountant
  9. Election of directors
  10. Other business
    i. Special resolution to approve the bylaws
  11. Adjournment


3. Approval of rules of order:  That the rules of order for the Annual General Meeting be approved a presented.
4. Approval of the Agenda: That the agenda for the Annual General Meeting scheduled December 3, 2020 be approved as presented.
5. Approval of the Minutes: That the minutes of the Annual General Meeting for the Whistler Chamber of Commerce held December 10, 2019 be approved as presented.
8. Appointment of Accountants: That the firm of BDO Canada LLP be appointed as accountants for the Whistler Chamber of Commerce for the 2021 fiscal year.
11. Other Business – Approval of the By-laws: As a special resolution that the By-laws of the Chamber be altered by deleting the existing By-laws in their entirety to be replaced with the By-laws attached to the Notice of this meeting.

The documents below are for consideration and form part of this Notice of meeting:

Year End Financials

Rules of Order

2019 Minutes