3 Reasons Why Championing Gender Diversity is Good For Business

December 19, 2022

For many people, transgender issues are new territory and the concepts related to gender diversity may feel overwhelming or confusing. That’s why, this year Gender Diversity Basics is back as part of the 2022-23 Whistler Experience® Program‘s Skills Development Training Courses.

This online, on-demand course shares vital information to support workers in leading respectful interactions with transgender people. Hosted by Kai Scott, President + Gender Strategist of TransFocus Consulting Inc., he shares 3 reasons why championing gender inclusivity could benefit your business.

#1. Avoid Mistakes

Participants of the course are equipped with the definitions of terms and concepts related to gender diversity and how they fit together. This allows them to avoid mistakes related to first names, pronouns, and gender-specific language (such as “ma’am” and “sir” used in customer service to be respectful). And because this topic is relatively new for people, it’s understandable if people make mistakes – the course shows how to recover from them. 

#2. Avoid Assumptions

When we interact with customers (or other people we don’t know), we may unknowingly rely on gender assumptions that make it more difficult for them to access our products and services.  For example, we may think we need to know someone’s gender to interact with them respectfully, but actually pronouns are more important. Depending on the situation, we can ask directly or we can use gender-neutral pronouns, such as “they/them.” 

Take the course to learn more about the three ways to obtain someone’s pronouns!

#3. Provide Outstanding Service Experiences for Everyone

Equipped with this knowledge, workers in Whistler will be prepared to provide an unmatched experience by championing inclusive practices. The Whistler community has long been focused on providing great experiences that see us welcoming guests from around the world over and over again.

The Whistler Chamber, with presenting partners Whistler Blackcomb and Gibbons Whistler is proud to showcase four different skills training courses this year that serve to provide effective and affordable professional development opportunities to workers throughout our resort town.

The Whistler Experience® program teaches teams how to plan for, and deliver world class service with a suite of training courses, available online, on-demand, on your time.

Learn how you and your team can become champions of gender diversity with the Whistler Experience® Program skills development training course. Plus, program participants are eligible for a host of benefits, including the Whistler Blackcomb Spirit Pass, activity benefits, discounted training and the Spirit Transit Pass! All courses are available online on-demand throughout the season.

TransFocus Consulting Inc. provides thoughtful strategies for greater inclusion of gender diversity in organizational cultures and structures. Having guided 300+ organizations to develop successful and creative solutions, their approach yields proven positive impacts on employees, customers, and leaders.