Whistler Experience® Skills Training Courses

Elevate your brand and invest in your professional growth with The Whistler Experience® Skills Development Training!

Covering key areas of customer service, team and conflict management, and cultural awareness, these courses will help you and your team to boost your brand with a strong service culture, create outstanding guest experiences and uphold Whistler’s reputation for incredible customer service.

Choose from in-person or online, on-demand courses, to get qualified and start using your unique Whistler Experience® number to unlock exclusive program benefits including the Whistler Blackcomb Spirit Pass, Whistler Spirit Transit Pass and more!

Registration for online training courses and in-person events is NOW OPEN!

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Whistler Experience – Essentials (In-person & Online on-demand)

Whistler Experience LIVE is back!

Join us for the highly-anticipated return of Whistler Experience LIVE.

These engaging in-person sessions are thoughtfully crafted to provide newcomers with the tools to live your best life in Whistler!

At Whistler Experience LIVE, you’ll gain local insights, go in the draw to win exciting prizes, and ignite your excitement for the upcoming snow season! Learn about the land on which you’ve chosen to live, work and play, discover services and supports to help you live your best life and delve into the heart of Whistler’s renowned customer service philosophy.

Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the true essence of Whistler!

Winter  Whistler Experience LIVE sessions have concluded. Watch this space for the Summer Sessions in 2024!


If you select any in-person training or event as your qualifying course you will be issued with a unique Whistler Experience Number immediately and be able to access all the program benefits straight away, including the Whistler Blackcomb Spirit Pass. If you do not attend your in-person training, your pass will be hotlisted and access to all benefits will cease. You will need to attend another training or complete an online training in order to re-activate your benefits.*

The ABC’s of Customer Service (online)

Build the foundation for great service by exploring and understanding the ABCs – to be Accountable, Bold and Connected.

In this course we share the fundamental building blocks for delivering consistently excellent customer service, which will allow you and your team to deliver world class service with a Whistler-flavour.  Following and actioning these steps will build powerful experiences and lasting memories for employees and customers alike.

Gender Diversity Basics (online)

For many of us, transgender issues are new territory and the concepts related to gender diversity may feel overwhelming or confusing.

This mini course has five key objectives to support you in leading respectful interactions with customers and employees who are trans, non-binary, and Two-Spirit people.

Whistler’s Inside Scoop Trade show 

Good news for returning Whistler Experience® participants – this year you can choose to attend the in-person, Inside Scoop Tradeshow as a qualifying course.  To be eligible to attend you must have previously completed the ABC’s of Customer Service course. 

  • Date: Tuesday, December 5, 2023
  • 2:00PM-6:00PM
  • Whistler Conference Centre

There are only 100 spots open for Whistler Experience® program participants so get in quick!

Whistler Experience – Levelling up (Online, On-demand)

Intermediate Gender Diversity

The Intermediate Gender Diversity course consists of brief video clips explaining the common (and often invisible) cultural barriers that transgender people face in most organizations.

In this course, employees learn practical ways to support their transgender co-workers through active allyship and avoid inadvertent harm (including microaggressions, jokes, and invasive questions). It is interspersed with reflection surveys and quizzes to assess comprehension. It takes about 1 to 2 hours to complete.

Please complete the “Basics” session before “Intermediate”.

Management 101: Conflict Resolution

 Learn how to turn dissatisfied customers into loyal customers while increasing your team’s work satisfaction!

As a leader you will need to be able to support your team in dealing with customer complaints. Join this training to learn how you can turn these incidents into positive experiences for everyone involved. Plus, when staff have the tools to solve guest concerns, work satisfaction increases!

Key takeaways:

  • Understand who your customers are and their needs
  • Identify common customer conflict issues in your organization
  • Use the HEARD method to resolve customer conflict scenarios

Management 101: Performance Management for New Leaders

Performance Management for New Leaders is guaranteed to improve your effectiveness as a manager and a coach.

What if we told you that when you share coaching feedback, your team will feel supported, encouraged, and valued. And, if your workplace policies and procedures are clear and expectations are known, work satisfaction will increase!

Key take-aways include:

  • Reasons why coaching your peers and direct reports is an effective method to improve business results.
  • How to drive results by using the 2 minute coaching model.

Gender Diversity for Managers

The Gender Diversity for Managers course consists of brief video clips explaining the common (and often invisible) cultural barriers that transgender people face in most organizations.

The course explores the responsibilities of managers and leaders to create an inclusive workplace and support of trans employees before, during, and after coming out.

It is interspersed with reflection surveys and quizzes to assess comprehension.

It takes about 1 to 2 hours to complete.

Whistler Experience – Next Level (In-person Training Sessions)

Please note, the following in-person sessions have concluded. You can still qualify for the program by completing an online, on-demand training session above! 

Management 101: Performance Management 

(in-person, 3 hours)

Reward and Motivate your team! Focus on developing managers at all levels of experience to effectively prepare for, conduct and follow up on employee performance evaluations.

Learn how to explore reasons why performance reviews are an effective method to improve business performance, achieve organizational goals, motivate and retain great employees, sucessfully determine important skills and attribute measures for the employee and more!

With a maximum group size of 24, there’s plenty of opportunity to ask questions and workshop ideas. Our classroom sessions will engage attendees to offer the opportunity to practice and build muscle memory through collaboration, group discussion and role play.

• November 6, 1pm – 4pm, Whistler Chamber Boardroom
• November 20, 1pm – 4pm, Whistler Chamber Boardroom


Management 101: Conflict Resolution

(in-person, 3 hours)

Front line staff will improve their skills to deal with unsatisfied customers by taking ownership of complaint, working through five steps of conflict resolution and following up.

Course Goals:

  • Know who your customers are
  • Identify the causes of conflict
  • Identify 5 steps of how to deal with conflict (Taking Ownership)
  • Explore Empowerment and Following Up


  • November 6, 9am – 12pm, Whistler Chamber Boardroom
  • November 20, 9am – 12pm, Whistler Chamber Boardroom

Employee Performance and Conflict Management

(in-person, six x 3 hours)

Increase Employee Engagement and Optimize Productivity by applying Performance and Conflict Management Strategies!

Attracting and retaining talent, and reducing flight risk in a competitive marketplace is critical. This in-person course is accredited and delivered over six 3-hour classes. It will provide students an understanding of performance management and the role it plays in achieving organizational strategy and optimizing productivity. Coaching will also be explored in this course.

Accredited course with BCIT. 18 hours in total. 


Nov 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, Dec 7. 9am-12noon. Max 20 attendees.

Intercultural Awareness at Work

(in-person, two x 7 hours)

Understand cultural differences to build a supportive and inclusive workplace!

Understanding diverse cultures improves interaction between employees and positively impacts businesses and the world around us.  Students will leave with an understanding of cultural differences and how to employ cultural empathy in a diverse work environment. Topics of discussion include unconscious bias, intercultural sensitivity, and how to communicate and celebrate cultures and differences rather than perpetuate bias and stereotypes.

Accredited course with BCIT: delivered over 1.5 days in-person. 


  • Nov 21, 9am-4pm, Nov 28, 9am-2pm. Max 20 attendees.

Training Grants & Assistance

Organizations could look at the B.C. Employer Training Grant to cover up to 80% of the training costs in some cases: https://www.workbc.ca/find-loans-and-grants/industry-and-employers/bc-employer-training-grant.

Individuals might find the new StrongerBC future skills grant helpful funding: https://www.workbc.ca/find-loans-and-grants/students-and-adult-learners/strongerbc-future-skills-grant

*Cancellation Policy

For in-person training or events you will be issued with a unique Whistler Experience Number immediately and be able to access all the program benefits straight away, including the Whistler Blackcomb Spirit Pass.

If you are unable to attend your session please let us know in writing by emailing whistlerexperience@whistlerchamber.com a minimum of five business days before the event (please note you may only reschedule your session once free of charge).

A $40 re-scheduling fee will apply for cancellations made within five business days of the in-person training or event, or non-attendance on the day, or where the participant has already rescheduled their event once.

If you selected an online training you will need to complete your online training session first.  You will receive your Whistler Experience Number and be able to access all program benefits after passing the course.

Please note: all BCIT courses cancellation policy – non-refundable within 7 days of the course start.

*Please note The Whistler Experience® Program 2023/24 details, including benefits information, are subject to change. 

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