Working in Whistler

Whether you are an employer or employee we have a ton of tools for you.


Jobs in Whistler

As a community, its  imperative that we band together to support both residents and businesses to navigate this pandemic. We ask that employers receiving an excess of employment applications re-direct your un-needed applicants to the Whistler Chamber’s Job Board and the go2HR job board.  Employers still needing employees will be able to post their jobs on these sites and interested applicants will be able to make their own choices on where to apply next.


Thank you for your participation and support of Whistler business’ recovery.

Training & Certification

The Whistler Chamber offers a variety of training and workshops that can help you prepare to work in Whistler.


Know the certification requirements before you apply! If you want a job serving alcohol, you’ll need a BC Serving It Right certificate.  If you are working with food you may need a FoodSafe certificate and many jobs will require that you have First Aid training.

Service Canada

Visit Service Canada Outreach in Whistler for programs and services including Social Insurance Number, Employment Insurance, Temporary Foreign Worker Program and more!

Service Canada Outreach offers professional and helpful services to citizens and visitors in both official languages from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Whistler Chamber Gateway Room on the third Wednesday of every month.

This program is currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions, you can contact Service Canada by phone 1.800.206.7218, or visit their Squamish Office – 1440 Winnipeg Street.


 Labour Solutions for Employers

Employment Resources Cheat Sheet

The Whistler Chamber has created a ‘Labour Cheat Sheet’ to help employers find solutions to Whistler’s labour challenges. Find out where to post, free job boards, fee based job boards and what recruitment agencies used in Whistler.


Immigration Roadmap

Foreign workers can help employers meet their labour needs when Canadians and permanent residents are not available. Employers can support a foreign worker’s application for permanent residency in several ways, find out more on our Immigration Roadmap.


Recruitment & Retention Toolkit

Help your business thrive with our Recruitment and Retention Toolkit. To hire a consultant or take training to access all these insights in one place would cost thousands, but your chamber membership unlocks this very valuable tool.


 Stay Informed

Labour Market Statistics

Essential information to inform your Human Resources strategy. Find statistics that reflect the labour market characteristics of the population of British Columbia.


BC Chamber of Commerce​ Labour Study

Information on topics such as skills shortages, barriers to recruitment, challenges with retention of top performers, skills mismatches and other human resource issues facing businesses in BC today.​


Recent Advocacy Work

One of the Whistler Chamber’s top advocacy focuses is finding solutions to Whistler’s labour issues. Take a look at some of our recent work in the blog posts below.