Strategic Direction

Our purpose is to make business better for our Members and partners.  Our vision is to elevate Whistler’s business.  By nurturing a diverse, innovative business community we create a healthy resort economy.

The Whistler Chamber has 4 areas of strategic focus:

green-arrowRelevance and value to business

We will better understand our members’ needs as well as any barriers to business in Whistler and align our programs and services to meet those needs and clear those barriers in a time sensitive fashion.

green-arrowFinancial viability

We will review and modify our business model as needed to ensure the organization is financially viable now and over the long term.

green-arrow Advocate for business

We will proactively identify issues that affect the Whistler business community and explore means to develop and communicate advocacy positions in a timely fashion.

green-arrowValued and respected partner

We will examine how we may proactively define our role in the community vis-à-vis other resort partners, as well as identify strategic partnerships and alliances that will allow the Whistler Chamber of Commerce to fulfill its mandate.