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August 30, 2016
By: Michelle Ratcliffe
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When it comes to cuts, colours and pampering, Farfalla Hair & Esthetics is a perennial local favourite.

Regularly topping annual “best of” lists and racking up glowing testimonials, the team also celebrated a Whistler Excellence Award win this past June, taking home The Whistler Experience Service – Small Business Award.

The driving force behind this small but mighty team with award winning service is a culture that began with managing partner Emanuela Bertoia’s vision for a holistic-based hair and esthetics salon in Whistler. It’s a culture that invests in the whole person and as their mission states, “inspires mind, body and spirit.”

Salon manager Joanna Khunkhun and salon coordinator Natalie Carranceja-French lead this talented team. Whether on the phone, at the front desk or on social media, Khunkhun or Carranceja-French are often a client’s first impression of the salon. The duo exudes the warmth and authentic care that filters through the entire team and ultimately to guests.

“Working for Farfalla, we are a family. As a team, we’re all for one and one for all — we care so much about one another and we always make our clients feel included, like they are a part of the family,” said Carranceja-French.

This tress tribe prioritizes wellness, making it a crucial business strategy to live by, day in and day out.Khunkhun says this starts with the staff and has a trickle down effect to their clients.

“A healthy and happy Farfalla tribe delivers the best possible customer service,” she said.

A confident culture

Professional development is a powerful part of their workplace. Investing in the team keeps individuals feeling supported and brings artistic talent and creativity to life, boosting confidence to do their best work.

“We are always striving to increase the confidence of our team,” said Khunkhun. “We believe that allocating time and resources for coaching and training encourages personal growth and development.”

Not only does the team have ongoing continuing education opportunities, but Farfalla also has two senior stylists, Cassandra Horsman and Genevieve Dubois, who serve as in-salon educators sharing their experience and advanced training, contributing to the growth of the whole team.

The result has their clients feeling confident they’re in the right place with true professionals.

A growth mindset

These clippers keep their service sharp by consistently enrolling in The Whistler Experience Secret Shopper Program, in which undercover customers assess a company’s services, saying it helps them grow both individually and as a team. They earned the top service sector score in Winter 2016 and are seeing consistent success through the program.

Close attention is paid to weekly secret shopper reports. Having a supportive environment means feedback is never feared, but always seen as a healthy opportunity for coaching. An important part of the process is celebrating the areas where they succeed and identifying those finer points that need a little attention.

“It’s one of the best tools we use to help our team deliver the best customer service experience for our wonderful guests,” explains Carranceja-French.

A holistic approach

A big part of the salon’s wellness culture stems from Emanuela Bertoia’s holistic approach to health. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle and smart eating habits, their thriving work environment is a result of a happy, healthy team that take great effort to nurture their well being.

“We’re all friends outside of work too, which is why we call it the Farfalla family,” said Khunkhun, who added that the team enjoys spending downtime together too, whether on a hike or at one of their monthly “Farfalla family dinners” organized by stylist Lawrence Hart.

Inspired by the beauty that surrounds them, the team respects the importance of nurturing their mental, physical and spiritual well being. “We continuously encourage each other to take part in outdoor activities and we love to share our personal health tips and goals with each other and our guests,” explained Khunkhun.

Make business easy — tune in to The Big Idea, a bi-weekly column from the Whistler Chamber of Commerce showcasing a Whistler business innovating in their sector

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