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Kahuna Paddleboards – Steve Legge

KAHUNA Paddleboards was founded by Steve Legge in 2009. In seven years, distribution has grown from 5 to 73 dealers across Canada offering 37 paddleboard models.

gogglesoc – Josh Gray, Andy Taylor and Rickard Adria-Smith

Pssst: If you don’t know what one is, don’t worry! One person at your table has one free. Here’s a clue – check under your chair!

ZEP Mountain Bike Camps – Paul Howard

ZEP is a family run, professional mountain bike coaching and instructor training company, based in Whistler, B.C.


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Innovative Business of the Year Award Description


This Whistler business has shown recent innovative talent in developing a new product or service. It is creative, cutting edge, unique and out of the ordinary.


An eligible candidate must:


  • Have been created in Whistler
  • Have successfully implemented an innovative concept (and possibly sold the innovation or business) and can demonstrate measurable success as a result
  • Have made a considerable positive impact in their industry or on a business and this is in some way transformational
  • Have potential to address an issue or critical barrier to progress in the field
  • Be creative and cutting edge in a local, provincial, national or international context