Inspiring evolution in the local health and wellness community


October 10, 2017 By: Blair Kaplan Make business easy — tune in to The Big Idea, a bi-weekly column from the Whistler Chamber of Commerce showcasing a Whistler business innovating in their sector
It’s no secret that group fitness has been around for many years and that fitness can be delivered in many different formats. It’s also no secret that there is no shortage of physical activity options in the Sea to Sky corridor, but two longtime locals are changing up the way we sweat.
Lindsay May and Jessica Turner, Co-Creators of Kufuka Fitness in Pemberton, are leading the charge when it comes to redefining the delivery of health and wellness.
“Fitness is for everyone. You are good enough just as you are, you are worthy regardless of size, shape, ability,” shared Turner. “We’ve created a space that people can work on their goals, get sweaty, get stronger, all with the added bonus of being social. We love seeing people progress into stronger versions of themselves.”
Building community, building strength
One of the fantastic elements of Kufuka Fitness is the aspect of small group training. This service allows you to still have the benefits of working out with a personal trainer but adds a more social element to your session.
“Small group training is a large part of our business. It’s groups of four people that train together, yet each person does exercises according to their goals and abilities,” Turner said.
This creates a social environment and builds community within the groups, providing accountability as you have to commit to your group. Turner sees this as incredibly good value making it more accessible.
A safe space
The Kufuka community intention is to create a family where you care about one another, both peers and trainers. The founders believe the people who you train with become a valuable part of your world and everyone looks out for one another.
“A boutique studio like ours creates a safe space that people can feel at home in. It also allows people to belong to something bigger than themselves.  Not only do we care as trainers if our clients show up, our clients care about their peers.  They check in and encourage and inspire each other,” explained May.
May is grateful for the opportunity to be invited into someone’s life, to witness their journey towards becoming the best version of themselves. She knows everyone faces their individual challenges and hopes that the Kufuka community can make those hard days, a little more manageable.
May sees the power of a community who can draw strength from each other and she truly feels personally indebted to her clients.
“Each of their struggles and each of their achievements reminds me of how beautiful and precious life is, and how human we all are. More and more so, our world is losing sight of that,” explained May. “Yes, we are sweating and working our butts off at Kufuka Fitness, but it’s so much more than that.”
Creative ways to sweat
May and Turner are introducing new and creative ways to get your adrenaline pumping and your sweat dripping. They’ve recently begun offering POUND classes, a cardio session where you rock out and play the drums. The duo are also adding a new space for their community.
“In January 2018 we will be opening Kufuka Kollektiv, a space that is welcoming and open, building a healthy community.  Fitness is often intimidating to people.  We want to it to be a place of belonging,” Turner shared, explaining their concept that welcomes all – from those just starting out, to veterans who want a kick-ass, challenging workout. If you are seeking a healthy lifestyle, the Kufuka co-creators believe you can all be a part of the same community. It’s a belief that opens up the opportunity to include things like boxing, yoga, barre classes, and workshops to their lineup.
“We are redefining the delivery of health and wellness,” said May. “Our goal is to create a community of wellness and positivity, where everyone feels they belong, NOW, not when they are fit enough.
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