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Employment, Staffing and Certification


  • WorkBC is a great way to learn and understand the working world in BC. You can post jobs for free and find resources such as skills training, employer resources and funding opportunities.  WorkBC can also assist in finding employees to help your business thrive.
  • Food Safe certification is offered at the Whistler Chamber on a regular basis. Click here for more information.
  • Check out our Job Board for current Chamber Member listings.


Find Solutions


Labour Cheat Sheet
  • The Whistler Chamber has created a ‘Labour Cheat Sheet’ to help employers find solutions to Whistler’s labour challenges. Find out where to post, free job boards, fee based job boards and what recruitment agencies used in Whistler.
Labour Cheat Sheet


Immigration Roadmap
  • Foreign workers can help employers meet their labour needs when Canadians and permanent residents are not available. Employers can support a foreign worker’s application for permanent residency in several ways, find out more on our Immigration Roadmap.
Immigration Roadmap


Recruitment and Retention Toolkit
  • Help your business thrive with our Recruitment and Retention Toolkit.
Recruitment & Retention Toolkit


Culinary Recruitment International


Get Informed


BC Mindreader Labour Study
  • The BC Chamber of Commerce has created the ‘Mindreader Report’ addressing labour Market Issues in British Columbia. This report will have information on topics such as skills shortages, barriers to recruitment, challenges with retention of top performers, skills mismatches and other human resource issues facing businesses in BC today.  Read the report here.
Labour Market Statistics
  • Find statistics that reflect the labour market characteristics of the population of British Columbia: Labour Market Statistics