Working in Whistler

There is an endless list of businesses and industries to work for in Whistler. There are restaurants, bars, coffee shops, tour operators & activity providers, a movie theatre, recreation centre, retails stores, hotels, office jobs, construction and cleaning jobs as well as working for the mountain, Whistler Blackcomb.

Our online Job Board is the best resource for finding work in Whistler!

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Welcome to Whistler!


green-arrow Training and Certification

The Whistler Chamber offers a variety of training and workshops that can help you prepare to work in Whistler.


Know the certification requirements before you apply! If you want a job serving alcohol, you’ll need a BC Serving It Right certificate.  If you are working with food you may need a FoodSafe certificate and many jobs will require that you have First Aid training.


green-arrow Wages

Depending on where you work and your level of responsibility, you can make anywhere from minimum wage at $13.85 per hour to much more. Many jobs in the service industry, such as serving or bartending, also include cash tips. Keep in mind that many businesses offer perks such as subsidized housing, ski passes and cash bonuses if you stay until the end of the season.


green-arrow Holidays

There are ten statutory holidays in British Columbia each year.