Multimedia marketing brings brands to life

August 14, 2017
By: Michelle Ratcliffe
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If on your latest social-media scroll you’ve found yourself drooling over dreamy blue ice cave adventures by Head-Line Mountain Holidays, delicious steaks sizzling on the barbecue at Four Seasons Whistler or a birds-eye view of the lakeside scene at Nita Lake Lodge, there is a good chance the wow-worthy visuals you’re admiring are the handiwork of Reactive Design.

The masters behind this creative multimedia marketing are husband-and-wife duo, Stacey Bodnaruk and Marc Dionne. Bodnaruk channels creativity from a formal education in interior design and over a decade of print and web design, while Dionne is the visual veteran behind the lens.

“Marc and I both have our strengths and talents,” explained Bodnaruk. “He specializes in photos, video and aerial cinematography. I work on branding and marketing — everything from design, logos, business cards and signage, right down to website design.”

Using technology tools and their unique brand of soul, depth and even humour, they are compelling storytellers for the digital era, attracting attention for brands in a truly artful and authentic way.

“We take the necessary amount of time to understand a client’s business, their target market, their audience, their goals and their vision for success,” said Bodnaruk.

Guided by the wild

There is an adventurous spirit in the fabric of Reactive Design’s work. Their love of the mountain lifestyle and affinity for coastal surf culture shines through in their content.

“Because of a lot of the traveling we do and the activities and sports that we enjoy, we’re really exposed to a variety of lifestyle brands and I think it makes for a very positive atmosphere,” said Bodnaruk. “That influences what we do with clients. It’s fresh, it’s exciting, it’s positive.”

Their intrepid nature and passion for outdoor recreation inspires and informs the content they create, but now they are also seeing a surge of requests to capture clients’ personal adventures as well, work that is often done in collaboration with high-end adventure companies. Reactive Design goes along for the ride, navigating glaciers, hitting remote hot springs, backcountry hiking or skiing, using photography, videography, and aerial cinematography to document unique experiences and celebrations for people.

Sky-high services

Reactive Design’s aerial photo and video capabilities offer the ultimate freedom to take their client needs to another level. From capturing new perspectives on expansive backcountry landscapes to showcasing exclusive luxury properties, the service is ideal for land planning, surveying, tourism, private islands and more.
As early adopters of aerial drones, Reactive Design was one of the first companies in Canada to receive approval from Transport Canada to fly unmanned air vehicles (UAV).

“The technology seen in today’s UAV/drones was unfathomable five years ago,” said Dionne. “We are gladly forced to maintain a finger on the pulse of this evolution by ensuring that we are not only understanding this growth but, using it.”

Artful storytelling

Bodnaruk is quick to point out that today’s technology means almost anyone can access tools to shoot a fantastic photo or build a website, but it takes someone with natural artistic ability to create complimentary visuals that stand out from the competition.

“There really is a difference between the do-it-yourself (approach) and someone who can balance the function and the design.” said Bodnaruk.

“Marc gets incredible imagery and I can use that to create the marketing materials for the client,” said Bodnaruk of the collaborative creativity. “Marc knows what I need from a design perspective. We have a symbiotic way of working together in that regard.”

Bodnaruk is also able to transform many of the images that Dionne captures into her distinctive fine-art pieces of layered photography, which she calls “artography.” It is a piece of the business that has grown beyond her expectations.

Bodnaruk and Dionne are visual artists at their core. Whether it’s timeless resort photography, a video that uncovers the unique human story behind a vacation rental property or an attention-grabbing website for an adventure outfitter, their content drives results because it evokes emotion and engages.

Make business easy — tune in to The Big Idea, a bi-weekly column from the Whistler Chamber of Commerce showcasing a Whistler business innovating in their sector

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