Raising expectations (and returns) with Concierge Investing

January 31, 2017
By: Michelle Ratcliffe
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Now in his fourth decade as a portfolio manager, Robin Douglas knows his business is about a lot more than just the numbers. He’s modelled his service, Concierge Investing, around providing a bespoke tailor-made experience for his clients.

Just as a concierge is at the disposal of their guests, committed to their experience while providing personalized care, Douglas creates the same concierge-like experience for his clients. For him, this represents the culmination of both his professional experience and personal values.

“I am committed to my clients and Concierge Investing offers 24/7 service and masterful guidance to a few families,” said Douglas. “I relish the process — identifying goals, navigating a path and ensuring every client feels secure.”

So why is this tailored approach so important today? Douglas is motivated to deliver a higher standard of service to a select number of clients as opposed to building a big client list. In an uncertain time he said it is more important that his clients be well-informed of today’s markets and that he be fully available to his clients.

Even-tempered through turbulent times

Witnessing the rise and fall of the markets over time, Douglas built a solid foundation to remain unrattled by market volatility. He prides himself on communicating this calm, cool and collected philosophy to his clients.

Via Raymond James, one of North America’s leading independent full-service investment dealers, Concierge Investing has instant access to the finest research a global financial services company can offer. This includes greater security of financial data with tools for encryption. Douglas explained that this commitment to security and transparency is something that is of increasing importance today and something that goes a long way to create peace of mind for his clients.

“I understand the need to create robust portfolios. I understand the demand for creative thinking and I understand the requirement for transparency with my clients. I view myself as your financial concierge — charged with building resilient portfolios, capable of withstanding market volatility,” said Douglas.

Experience and community

As an industry veteran, his expertise comes from years of honing his instincts and is a result of a lifelong passion for learning and knowledge gained from new experiences.

“I can access my experience with other clients as I have been there and seen it before,” Douglas explained, adding that his experience drilled in the importance of being available around the clock. “I answer my own phone. Ninety percent of the people in our business do not answer their own phone anymore. I think it’s important that 24/7 my clients can get ahold of me.”

Part of this philosophy to offer full access to financial education and advice includes his openness to meet with new families, business owners and foundation members to help identify and plan for their financial goals. Douglas places immense importance on giving back to the community and has been involved with the Community Foundation of Whistler for a number of years, most recently as president.

Mentoring and financial coaching

On Nov. 9, 2016 the day after Donald Trump won the United States presidential election, the phones of many portfolio managers rang off the hook as their clients questioned the election’s effect on their investments. By contrast, Douglas, received only one call — from a friend inquiring how many clients had contacted him. He credits his confident reply of “zero” to his goal to educate those he serves ahead of time.

Douglas says this all comes from a place of wanting to reduce stress for clients. It’s a philosophy that sees him work to simplify complicated scenarios and present common sense solutions.

“I believe financial confidence and stability is built through education and awareness,” he said. “As such I offer training, coaching and financial mentoring in the areas of legacy, philanthropy and family wealth.”

His services are as unique and sophisticated as the families, foundations and private businesses that he serves.

“I look after people’s wealth, but that can mean different things to different people,” said Douglas. “What we do at Concierge Investing is different. It is special.”

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