ReSolve 4 Life on a mission to make self-mastery mainstream

February 14, 2017
By: Michelle Ratcliffe
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Robyn Ziebell spent ten years in the corporate environment — five at a Fortune 500 company — before realizing that harnessing the power of her mind and consciousness would lead to far greater achievements than clambering up the corporate ladder.

Her journey soon translated to building her own business. Ziebell found her calling as an educator, facilitator and artist dedicated to the alignment of mind, body and consciousness.

“It all came together very organically. The opportunities presented themselves and I was ready,” said Ziebell, who founded “ReSolve 4 Life” to help clients develop self-mastery with inspiration and the implementation of new knowledge, mindsets, habits and tools in real life, one day at a time. Ziebell serves as a catalyst to provide her clients with what she sums up as “an unshakable foundation of inner resilience, outer radiance and shameless authenticity.”

The conversation around health and well-being — and specifically living consciously — is buzzing throughout the Sea to Sky corridor and the world.

“There is a massive shift in consciousness taking place globally,” Ziebell said. “People are realizing the things on the checklist of society don’t always deliver on the promise of satisfaction once achieved and are more ready than ever to look within for richness, bliss, security and love we seek.”

Private coaching and workshops

Working individually with clients forms the foundation of Ziebell’s offerings for individuals. She thrives on the opportunity to customize how she presents content based on a person’s specific experiences and current understanding, one-on-one. She has also crafted a transformational six-week workshop series that guides a group through her No.1 foundations program week by week.

Believing that wisdom is knowledge applied, Ziebell’s philosophy is to show her clients the way, sharing real life examples to inspire others to cultivate their own transformation. She describes what she provides as a blueprint of self-awareness that she lays out for clients to integrate into their lives in simple steps and layers.

“I’ve broken mind, body, consciousness alignment into a progression that operates much like a staircase format and you build momentum and skills, one step at a time,” she explained.

Her growing client list ranges from teenagers to high-level executives and retired baby boomers.  Additionally, she is being hired privately to offer immersive experiences for visitors on vacation in Whistler or to accompany clients on vacations around the world. For those keen to dive in, the next No.1 Foundations six-week workshop series kicks off on Feb. 28.

Corporate consciousness

Ziebell’s corporate background armed her with a professional polish and a unique perspective on how transformational tools connect to intentional achievements in the workplace.

Her corporate coaching began with an opportunity to offer a six-month program for 90 people at BlueShore Financial. The organization saw the value of investing in their team’s well-being. Since then Ziebell has had success working with executive teams in hospitality, as well as hosting events in partnership with Lululemon.

In her eyes, Ziebell sees an awakening in the corporate world. She is seeing growing demand and success offering half and full-day workshops and offsite corporate retreats with take-home toolkits. Being in Whistler is intentional, as her unique offerings cater to local businesses and global clients who visit the resort. For those interested in a taste of Ziebell’s corporate workshops, she is hosting the Whistler Chamber’s next Mega Mind session on “Mastering Your Mind” for business success on Wednesday, Feb. 22.

Artistic expression

Also a passionate artist, Ziebell studied at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Now as a facilitator, she combines her purpose of connecting clients with their consciousness and her passion for painting to offer private or group art classes for “non-artists” that empower people to push past self-judgement in the artistic process and fearlessly express their unique creativity.

Her goal is to offer a creative, playful space where people can be fully present, creating contemporary, large-scale, wall-worthy artwork.
Ziebell is also excited to begin offering regular art classes for individuals, as well as corporate groups, at the Audain Art Museum. With 20 people lined up for her first class, she sees a tremendous opportunity.

“You play, create and liberate your innate creativity while you practice the art of being present,” Ziebell said. “A lot of people here haven’t been to the Audain yet, so we’re also inspiring people to connect to art culture in Whistler.”

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