Spotting opportunities to build stand out businesses


Pepe Barajas, president of Infinity Enterprise Group is enjoying another successful season.

His development of three booming local businesses led to recent recognition as Best Immigrant Entrepreneur at the Small Business B.C. (SBBC) Awards on Feb. 26. The accolade follows his “Rising Star of the Year Award” win at the 2014 Whistler Excellence Awards, positioning him as a Whistler business person making an impact well beyond his years with a trailblazing spirit and a solid plan for growth.

It is this trailblazing trait that gives Barajas’ business plans a competitive edge. In business since 2011, Infinity Enterprises Group is the parent company of The Mexican Corner Restaurant Inc., La Cantina – Urban Taco Bar Inc. and Clean Perfect Services Inc. The common thread with Barajas’ businesses is they each have a business plan with a strong value proposition because they provide a product that was not present in the community.

“Each business model was not currently being offered or satisfied on the local market so they are not necessarily taking someone else’s piece of the pie,” explained Barajas. “The Mexican Corner, La Cantina and Clean Perfect hold impeccable reputations through well-planned executed business plans.”

A five star clean team

Barajas saw an opportunity in the community for a cleaning company to specifically service luxury properties. The Clean Perfect business plan delivers a well-structured and well-managed housekeeping program that offers the cleaning and customer service standards you would expect from a five star hotel to high-end vacation properties or commercial spaces.

A history in housekeeping and customer service translate to an emphasis on rigorous training and meticulous attention to detail as an essential part of his team’s commitment to deliver perfection. Barajas prides himself on offering extensive training and development to his staff so he can deliver the highest standards of service to his high-end clients.

“We ensure that the properties are at the highest level of cleanliness, sanitation and maintenance,” said Barajas. “We have a fail-safe policy and what we sell is peace of mind.”

An authentic slice of Mexico

The Mexican Corner offers something completely different from what we’ve come to expect at Mexican restaurants north of the border, an upscale concept for authentic Mexican cuisine. For Barajas, it’s all about creating a memorable experience to set his restaurant apart.

The delicious combination of food from ancient civilizations, polished service, and real deal Mexican design have created something unique for his customers. The decor, all imported from Mexico, takes guests on an immediate journey, but it is his meticulously trained team (many of whom came from Mexico) that brings authentic flavour to the experience as a whole. The cuisine that includes Mayan and Aztec recipes is prepared with passion and a commitment to freshness and quality.

“All the food is made from scratch; from the Mole sauce to our beer ice-cream,” said Barajas.

An urban escape

Barajas’ latest business plan brings a contemporary expression of Mexican street food to the Village with La Cantina. The urban feel with industrial decor and a kitchen cranking out tapas style treats in the form of tacos, salads, burritos and soups is different from anything else on offer in Whistler’s varied restaurant scene. The concept may have originated far away, but the fresh house-made dishes, casual atmosphere and very friendly staff feel just right in the heart of this hungry ski town.

Barajas remains committed to constantly analyzing his operations to ensure they are meeting what his market demands. This trailblazer always keeps his eyes open for opportunity and remains ready to adapt on the fly when demand changes, keeping his value propositions powerful and his businesses a step ahead.

Barajas on business

“Remember that smooth seas don’t make skillful sailors… If you have a dream, work hard to make sure it comes true, otherwise somebody else is going to hire you to make theirs.”

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