Does it seem like customers are more demanding than ever? If so, it’s not just you.

One recent survey found that 87% of support teams in 2024 said that customer service expectations have increased in the past year, making them higher than ever.

When attempting to improve customer service, it can be hard to know which measures will effectively address your team’s shortfalls. One great way to identify areas of concern is to put your service to the test with The Whistler Chamber’s Secret Shopper Program!

Secret Shopper 101

If you’re not already familiar, the Whistler Chamber of Commerce runs the Secret Shopper Program over eight weeks through both summer and winter seasons.

Our incognito shoppers are trained to monitor the foundational principles of service introduced in The ABCs of Service Excellence, resulting in a comprehensive assessment of your business’ service levels through the eyes of your customers.

Secret Shoppers complete a detailed report on their experience at your business to offer in-depth feedback. These reports provide actionable observations for areas that need improvement, and recognition for staff who excel.

Click here for a sample of the full report that is distributed to participating businesses each week.

Businesses can choose from three program tiers, depending on your needs:

  1. Premium: Customize your shopper inquiries to hone in on specific segments of your business
  2. Classic: Strive to improve your business’ service levels over the full eight-week program.
  3. Sampler: Get a taste of the program over a reduced four-week period

What’s in it for you?

The main reason to sign up for this summer’s Secret Shopper Program is to improve your customer’s experience when visiting your business. That said, there are plenty more benefits to be had:

  • Top performers earn recognition across the Chamber’s newsletter and social channels, as well as in local media.
  • Overall program winners are featured on our Secret Shopper webpage with a direct link to your business.
  • And most exciting of all – top scoring businesses will be named finalists for the Service Excellence Awards at this fall’s Whistler Excellence Awards.

For a limited time, registered businesses will receive 50% off The ABCs of Service Excellence. Part of the Whistler Experience platform of training courses, this online course will equip your staff with the skills to log top marks in the Secret Shopper Program while offering some great additional benefits for participants. To take advantage of this offer, register for the Secret Shopper Program for the upcoming summer and contact whistlerexperience@whistlerchamber.com to enroll in the course.

How to get involved

Ready to provide outstanding guest experiences? Sign up in just minutes.

Got questions? Flick us an email at whistlerexperience@whistlerchamber.com or call Chris at 604 932 5922 x 966.