Use Downtime to Upskill Your Team

With the temperature dropping, and visits to our resort town (slightly) slowing down ahead of the much anticipated opening day, as an employer, why not take this time to use online courses to train and up-skill your staff? Not only will you be equipping your team with valuable skills, but you will also be providing them a sense of purpose and competency during the shoulder season.

All Whistler Chamber Members have access to enroll staff in the Whistler Experience® program, which offers quality training courses online, on-demand. Available courses include the ABCs of Service Excellence, Gender Diversity Basics, and Management 101; all developed specifically for the unique workforce in Whistler. These online courses are the perfect resource to train or upskill your team at any time!

There are many benefits to keeping your team’s skills up to date and investing in training of all varieties. Check out these top four reasons why you should invest in employee training:

1. Providing new opportunities for growth

Education and training are critical for anyone to develop and improve their expertise and abilities. When you offer training to employees, you create a learning environment that encourages growth and development. Allowing employees to expand their knowledge and skills increases employee productivity and morale. 


2. Cultivating a more positive work environment

Spending time on staff training and developmental opportunities shows you’re building a positive reputation as an employer that cares about its workforce and simply makes your company a better place to work. It demonstrates that you have faith in your employees, that you’re building a future, and that you care about their careers. 


3. Improving customer experience

During these difficult times in which businesses are experiencing labor shortages and unusual operating circumstances due to COVID, great customer service is proving more critical than ever. Training your team on the same set of customer service competencies gives them a standard process to deal with customers and creates a sense of team spirit. The increased motivation and engagement coupled with the new skills can create improved customer service in your company. The ABC’s of Service Excellence course can guide your team to deliver a stand-out customer service experience and leave lasting impressions on your customers.


4. Aiding your retention strategy

Training serves as a retention tool, instilling loyalty and commitment in your team. Your employees want to know that they’re valued and that they have a future within your business. Providing training opportunities demonstrates your company’s willingness to invest in their success and growth. Training also gives seasonal workers a reason to return. Let seasonal employees know there are more ways than one to contribute. Instead of hiring someone new, offer them a chance to learn new skills and benefit from their experience.


Check out all the Whistler Experience® online course offerings here

To register your team for the courses, please fill out the Prepaid Training Form and email it to whistlerexperience@whistlerchamber.com.