Human Ideas for Humans

March 23, 2020

Starting with mental and physical health:
Peloton is offering a 90 day free use of their app. They do not ask for a credit card that will be charged later. They have meditation, yoga, stretching, strengthening, outside workouts, running, biking and they even have programs that can be followed. Highly recommend this to every human out there!
Also, many gyms are offering online workouts for members and then there’s always YouTube.
Do reach out to friends, family and co-workers regularly – it’s never been easier than now to do that. Hold meetings online – many online platforms like Zoom or AnyMeeting are available. Zoom has a free online platform for virtual meetings that is 40 minutes per meeting. If you want to connect with others even for only 30 minutes to check in, this could work for you.
A few tips for Businesses:
If you are laying people off because your business levels have fallen or you are mandated to close, remember to ask the Employment Standards Branch what is the right way to do that. If an employee has questions about Employment Insurance, they can call Service Canada directly to ask their questions. 
When you are talking to your staff about closing your business or reducing their hours or laying them off, make sure to have a transparent conversation about the FUTURE. The future will look different than it does today… does that mean that all will be the same as a month ago… I don’t have a magic ball to see that but at the very least, consider how switching the mindset from today to the future may encourage your staff to feel hopeful.
Keep watching for updates from the Chamber about the Federal and Provincial financial aid packages that are rolling out. As an employer, business owner, employee or parent, you could be eligible for some of this money.
Advocacy in Action with MP Patrick Weiler

Advocacy in Action with MP Patrick Weiler

ADVOCACY IN ACTION Advocacy in Action with MP Patrick Weiler June 12, 2020 This week the Whistler Chamber held a virtual roundtable discussion with a small group of Members, and we were joined by Patrick Weiler, MP for West Vancouver - Sunshine Coast - Sea to Sky...

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Advocacy Wins at the BC Chamber AGM

Advocacy Wins at the BC Chamber AGM

The Whistler Chamber of Commerce was busy last weekend, May 22-23, attending the virtual BC Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting & Conference. 67 chambers and boards of trade from across BC gathered online to discuss and debate key policy issues. 70 policies were submitted by 30 local chambers…

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