Sustainability in Action Business


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This Whistler business has demonstrated considerable positive impact in advancing sustainability in their business, sector and the local community. It has implemented sustainability strategies and practices that protect the environment, improve individual and community wellbeing, and contribute to our vibrant economy.


Congratulations to the 2021 Winner: Whistler Community Services Society

Meet The 2021 Finalists

Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler Blackcomb has been working on community, employee and environmental engagement programs for more than 30 years. Even in the midst of a pandemic, this commitment won’t waiver.

Whistler Community Services Society

The Re-Use-It thrift store opened 20 years ago as a social enterprise to fund programs that respond to the community’s social and emotional wellness needs.  It is  now an economic engine for WCSS, supporting a range of social programs and services while diverting over one tonne every day from landfill.

Innovation Building Group Ltd.

Rod Nadeau is one of the Principals of IBG, has worked in the development and construction industry since 1979 designing and building high performance homes. 


The 2020 winner 


ecologyst & café

Rene is founder of ecologyst – an outdoor clothing company producing all goods in Canada using natural fibres. 


The 2019 winner 


Sea to Sky Soils

Providing composting services to help create cleaner, greener communities. We support local food production and the beautification our communities through organic recycling and soil manufacturing.


The 2018 winner 


Sea to Sky Removal

Sea to Sky Removal is an environmentally conscious construction waste hauling company, which has also implemented innovative on-site recycling stations.


The 2017 winner 


Association of Whistler Area Residents for the Environment (AWARE)

AWARE, established in 1989, is Whistler’s environmental charity focused on: Connecting People with Nature; Building Sustainable Community; and Safeguarding Habitat, Biodiversity and Wilderness.