Finding Peace in Times of Uncertainty

May 7, 2020

By: Sarah Symmes, Store Manager at ecologyst Whistler and Yoga Teacher at Yogacara. During Covid-19 Sarah has transitioned into a Bulk Sales and Partnerships role for ecologyst.


A New Reality.

Where we currently find ourselves: May 2020 and a global pandemic.

Normally, early days in May bring that familiar anticipation for summer, when the sun begins to rise earlier and earlier every day, notifying us that a change is on the horizon.

This spring is different; not only a change in seasons but for most of us, a major shift in pace. For those of us working from home or those who have been laid off, it’s as if a “pause button” has been hit on our usual life and routine. With this time to step back from normalcy comes an opportunity for us to pause, reflect and observe. Even if just for a moment, I encourage you to breathe in the fresh scents, adore the budding trees and flowers, soak in the (oh-so-necessary) rays of vitamin d, and appreciate the songs of the birds with their beautiful sounds.

While we observe these elements in our exterior environment, it’s also a good time for us to take inventory of what we are observing in our internal landscape. We find ourselves amidst a

Global pandemic and a sea of uncertainty to which most of us have likely experienced a variety of emotions. Thankfully this week, we see light at the end of the tunnel, as we receive news that the phases for mobilizing the economy are set to begin – which happens to coincide with Mental Health Week.

This is an important week to raise awareness and support for all humans alike, as each of our mental health is essential to our core beings. Without keeping an eye on our own mental health and serving ourselves with what we need, we cannot be in a position to fully serve those around us and our community.

We are awakening to a new reality, where we can learn from this pause, and reflect on both our own and each other’s experiences. It is also an opportunity to connect deeper with ourselves, friends and family with intention and compassion.

Mental health is gaining more significance in our global reality, as it rightfully deserves. As we move out of this darker period, I encourage you to take a moment and check in with yourself. Not to judge, but simply observe what you have gone through on this wild ride. I, myself, have gone through emotions of calm, scarcity, grief, anger, loss, loneliness, abundance and gratitude to name a few. And that is okay. What is important throughout this journey is to be at peace with where you are – even if this is not where you normally find yourself, nor wish to be.

We’ve all heard the phrase “this too shall pass” (perhaps using this cliché to provide solace to a friend or loved one), but the reality is, change is a constant in our lives. From inside our bodies at a cellular level, to our thought waves (that we may think are on repeat for days on end), we are, in fact, impermanent. Now more than ever we have witnessed change on a global level, seeing countries shut down, how they handle the pandemic and the media surrounding it.

Inevitable as it is, change may not always be in the direction we might wish for. We can get through this chapter using the learnings of “annica”- translated from Pali to mean “impermanence”. Broken down, “annica” means non- constant, -continuous, or -permanent. This reminds us that nothing in our world is permanent: our safety, our health, relationships, our thoughts, our emotions, etc. Acknowledging that emotions come and go is an opportunity for us to take inventory of what we have been through and observe objectively, without judgement.

This whole experience has granted us plenty of opportunity for learning, and a major takeaway is that this global pandemic has not affected any two humans alike. We are all experiencing this from a different perspective, a different reality. In the next few weeks, I encourage you to shed compassion on yourself, your friends, families, colleagues and acquaintances. To honour their experiences and work together to create new ways to inspire and elevate them. Through my yoga and meditation training, I’ve learned that we often have a veil of illusion; one that restricts our views of seeing our truth. As in, we are all connected, and our truth is to be joyful, playful and blissful. This is your birthright. Living into your truth will inspire others around you to move into a blissful state of appreciation, gratitude and joy.

I am so impressed with our community who have been offering options to keep people physically and mentally fit, like 30-day workout challenges, free yoga, meditation, and other courses and support groups like “Finding Calm amongst the Coronavirus storm” by Melissa Deally. We certainly have learned how important it is to support businesses in our community and may we all continue to support our communities, our loved ones and our friends beyond the life-altering reality of the coronavirus.

I want to take the opportunity to send the sincerest wishes to everyone who has encountered struggle, suffering, loss amidst the effects of Covid-19.

Finally, thank you to all the attendees who joined us on March 4th for the Chamber Après: “Conscious Networking at ecologyst”. It was a pleasure to bring together members of the community, celebrate our new store and share a conscious connection.

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